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(VIDEO) First flight for Solar Impulse 2 #SI2

The Solar Impulse 2 just completed its maiden flight - as always the event took place in Payerne, Switzerland, where the solar plane is based. After months of construction, it is an important step towards...

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(VIDEO) Solar Impulse 2 : this solar plane will travel the world with 70hp

We do not present this giant electric solar plane, the Solar Impulse anymore, born in Switzerland it made its first flight in 2009. After having flown day and night in Europe and the United States, Bertrand...

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(VIDEO) First return of the Solar Impulse, flight from Rabat to Ouarzazate

The third flight of the Solar Impulse in 2012 is a disappointment for the team. On last Wednesday, the solar plane had to turn around because of violent winds on the way to Ouarzazate landing at 10:55...

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(VIDEO) The Solar Impulse flying towards Morocco (Payerne to Madrid)

The new record targeted by the Solar Impulse team is to cross the Mediterranean. The Solar plane left Payerne, Switzerland this morning at 8:24 AM towards Madrid where it will make a first stop before...

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(VIDEO) The Solar Impulse is back in Switzerland

After recharging its batteries in the sun Friday morning, the Solar Impulse HB-SIA has left the Bourget this morning where he has been one of the stars of the Paris Air Show.It took off at 7:11am and landed...

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(VIDEO) 2011 Paris Air Show: Solar Impulse flight demonstration

The Paris Air Show, which closed its doors tonight welcomed a special guest over the event, the HB-SIA, better known as the Solar Impulse, a solar powered 63m giant.If you went to Le Bourget you certainly...

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(VIDEO) The solar plane Solar Impulse lands at Le Bourget

After its first international flight on May 13 rallying Switzerland to Belgium and despite the bad weather conditions that delayed its departure from Brussels, the Solar Impulse landed last night at 9:15pm...

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(VIDEO) The Solar Impulse travels 630 km in 12 hours and 59 minutes

The Solar Impulse (HB-SIA) took off from Payerne in Switzerland at 8:30 AM on May 13th.Pilot and co-founder of the project Andre Borschberg crossed Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Belgium without fuel,...

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