Electric motorcycles

Electric motorcycle, electric scooter used to be a dream, a fantasy, an utopia, yet reality has caught up with fiction.

There are still contradicting points of views: those who believe that its a new start to intelligent driving, and those who doubt because of their cost, of their weight unsuited for the road, of the fact that range and recharging the batteries remain a problem to be solved.

Then you have the outraged ecologists, that prone the safety of the Environment; they believe using this type of motor is using nuclear energy that produces the major part of electricity in France. What can we say ? what do we need to know ?

An electric scooter is equipped with an electric motor supplied with batteries: it’s not well known in France but this vehicle has been on the market for almost 10 years, and its technology, contrary to what most people think, has become quite controlled. Unlike its thermic homolog, the electric scooter or electric motorcycle, offers even more advantages.

Even though the manufacturing of two-wheel vehicles remains confidential, more historically big manufacturers have worked on the matter: related to the preservation of the environment, the ever increasing cost of fuel, and the emerging need for a clean electric vehicle Indeed, using an electric scooter helps the manufacturers that use electricity as energy to develop slowly but not significantly enough.

Does it appeal to a large enough public?

How do people perceive this technologic advance for the two-wheel? Are they ready to invest in such a locomotion system? Thoug , with the arrival of the lithium batteries, the performances are better even if the price stays high .People are going to have to consider and accept the fact that greater mobility needs especially in urban areas will lead to the development of new types of vehicles like the electric motorbike.

What are their performances ?

Comparable to classical vehicles but to their credit they are more respectful of the environment, more easy to drive, more pleasant and definitely more economic The starting up is faster than a classical vehicle.

Recharging is easy with a simple plug or a special power outlet.

What are the distinctive features of the electric two-wheelers ?

Range up to 180kms -fore the best models- taking into consideration certain factors : battery capacity, electric motor consumption, electric accessories consumption, vehicle weight, driver’s weight, speed, type of road (flat roads, hills, sand, gravel or asphalt), regenerative braking...