Electric bicycle

E-bikes, and pedelecs - Though very common in China, and an excellent alternative to classic cars, electric bicycles are not well known in France. That’s the case of the electric assist bike, a bicycle with an auxiliary electric motor that you rarely come across with in French streets.

Though it brings enormous advantages compared with the classic car and bike, for people living either in the city or out in the countryside. precise criteria : the e bike is considered like a normal bike, apart from certain conditions (using the European model of a “Pedelec” as per EN15194 standard) :

A greener alternative

The e-bike is a bicycle powered by an electric motor activated when the biker pedals; The motor comes in different sizes, depending on the models. Electric bikes use rechargeable batteries (sealed lead acid SLA, nickel-cadmium NiCad, nickel –metal hybrid NiMH, lithium-ion polymer Li-io, lithium-iron phosphateLiFEPO4 ); the batteries can be recharged on standard plugs.

The complete recharging time takes from 2 to 8 hours, depending on the model, they can travel up to 30 to 70 km at a speed of 24to 32km/h.; Range can vary depending on factors like motor efficiency, battery type, hills and weight of the bike and riders; Some manufacturers have developed regenerative braking systems.

Since there is no fuel used, they re is no combustion byproducts emission and they can be classified as zero-emissions vehicles advantages :

e-bikes are adapted to the city and the country and more convenient when using them -on long distances: If you have experienced a long ride on a bike, you know how tiring it is to climb up the hill.

The e-bike helps you in your effort. Not only can you go faster, but you can easily climb up the hills and feel less tired -on work distances: if you bike to your work, you’ll have noticed it’s not that pleasant to arrive sweating at work. -in traffic jams: they definitely help you get through traffic jams and use short cuts inaccessible to cars!

Moreover, they need very little space to park, and you can park in no time. Folding electric bikes are also available. e bikes have health benefits in cardiac rehabilitation programmes and will make you feel safer if you have a counter indication and still want to bike. e bikes need no licence and no registration.