Hybrid cars

Hybrid cars' market: a solution now for the future?

Everyone is now convinced that oil won’t last forever and that gasoline or diesel emissions from thermic motors pollute Automobile manufacturers have been have been working for many years on substitution solutions “clean “ substitution gas Ethanol, distilled from vegetal origin, mixed with classic oil.

This gas is reserved to modern engines conceived to run with it. It is supposed to be cleaner than usual gas, and has the advantage of recycling organic trash from the agricultural industry. Electric Plug-in Vehicles For the time being, they unfortunately lack of autonomy due to the low capabilities of the battery that runs out fast and takes a long time to recharge.

List of hybrid cars models and news related

This makes them suitable for “daily drivers” and short trips in the city. Those cities usually invest in electric vehicle parks for municipal employees Advantage: The cost of electric consumption is cheaper than that of oil. For recharging issues, the Government plans to develop City charging stations available to the public, or to deploy a car sharing program accessible to everyone (The Bolloré Bluecar Autolib’ in Paris 2012, in line with the Vélib).

Hybrid vehicles combine Electricity + internal combustion engine working in combined mode or separately.

The hybrid car has no autonomy problem since the thermic motor enables to go far, the electric motor takes the lead when the batteries are recharged.. There are different types of Hybrids (according to the way power is supplied to the drivetrain ).

The Toyota Prius, with its BIO shapes was the first to be commercialized; it arrived in Europe in 2000. Toyota was the leader and developed the same technology on Hybrid Yaris, more compact than its elder sister, and more urban orientated. Toyota was the top- selling car on the continent. The manufacturer hopes that the new Hybrid Yaris will represent 20% of the sales.

In France, the Government’s new incentive on “Green» cars, with an ecologic bonus payment going up to 100%, should promote the sales. The State will show the example by acquiring 1/4 of hybrid or electric cars for their fleet.

With all these measures developing the still too marginal hybrid vehicle market and organizing its environment and infrastructure, drivers should feel less left out and will drive more serenely.