Austrian electric motorcycles KTM FreeRide arrive in 2012 for less than € 10,000

Originally presented in 2010 the first models of KTM FreeRide will be available in 2012 in road legal versions, cross and super motard.
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Why have they been so long? They focused on the development and reliability of the bike in order to meet the technical specs announced in the reveal of the concept and not to disappoint the fans with a product not meeting the standards of the brand…

Its aluminum and steel lightweight frame, has been developed especially in house to offset the weight of the battery and results in a bike that is lighter and more powerful than its competitors.

The engine is provided by a specialized subcontractor based in Salzburg, it delivers a torque of 43Nm which is available for 500 rpms and a maximum continuous power of 10hp reached at 6000rpms (30hp peak power)!

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According to Harald Fraueneder, director of the development of electric vehicles at KTM, the 2,5kW Lithium-Manganese battery pack allows one hour of range.

In order to challenge the competition that already produces and sales electric bicycles for several years, including Zero Motorcycles and Quantya, KTM plans to stand out by battery rental services and therefore a swappable battery system designed especially for the race that would allow a quick stop at the stands without having to wait for the battery to charge up (even short with 1h30 announced). 

Special protection is also developed for the transmission and wiring to go through 1m of water.
KTM Freeride.jpg
The supermoto version should look like the model above, but its final version will be revealed soon.

The KTM FreeRide will be released in spring 2012 at a price of "less than € 10,000"
Specs of the KTM FreeRide

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