Antonov PLC releases a 3 speed gearbox for electric vehicle: 15% more efficient

While most electric vehicles available are using a single speed transmission, as compared to combustion engine their peak performances are spread over a greater range and available at the very first second.

The company Antonov Plc (not the aircraft manufacturer…) based in London has developed a gearbox with 3 speeds for electric motors, it maximizes the efficiency and results in a energy savings of about 15%.

For example, the use of a shorter first gear increases the regenerative braking capacity. Antonov’s gearbox also improves acceleration and top speed.

Thus, it improves the overall performance level of the vehicle while being more efficient (and therefore confers a greater range) moreover the gearbox is compact enough to be installed in place of the old single-speed ones.

Additionally, the noise level is reduced because the engine is running at lower rpm’s, and the “hill starts” are facilitated.

The power transmission is made via a dual clutch system that allows smooth gear changes; Antonov PLC has already announced that an extra speed is also possible (4 speed).

Via Antonov // Article by H. Le Flanchec

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