An electric TVR by 2013?

After buying the English brand seven years ago, the young millionaire Nicolas Smolenski,  had just stopped the production ...

But he has just decided to revive the brand by offering the conversion of the Sagaris and the Chimaera in three versions: one equipped with a GM gasoline V8, one diesel with the 286hp from the BMW 335d and especially an electric version that could reach according to Smolenski’s forecasts 200kph and 385km of range...

At the moment restarting production is not an option, but just conversions of existing models. Sales of 250 to 400 units per year would be required to allow the brand to revive (and also new investors ...)

And while fans of the brand may start crying at this announcement, I am particularly pleased to learn that the design, which is in my opinion is one of the most desirable among the sports cars, the Sagaris could reborn one day, and even more exciting in an electric version

Tvr_Sagaris (2).jpgTvr_Sagaris (2).jpg

About the electric version, although the specifications announced seem a little optimistic (mostly the range), it seems to be more than just an announcement as N. Smolenski has already announced that the drivetrain will be complex to develop (availability planned for 2013) and that the batteries will be placed in several locations in the car, in place of the tank, behind the seats or on the front axle.

The conversion includes a new drivetrain, new brakes and an updated dash and is available from € 37,000 for petrol and diesel versions ... No price has been disclosed for the electric conversion at the moment but the conversion will cost more than the ICE versions according to Smolenski.

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