Tesla VS Fisker : the battle BlueStar against Nina starts?

Tesla has undeniably won the first round by developing a reliable and powerful roadster and a proprietary distribution network, while Fisker struggled to develop its engine and its first model.

However, the two brands release their luxury sedans with similar dimensions at the same moment, the Model S and the Karma (with significant price differences $ 55,000 against $ 87,900, respectively) a second round which will probably be followed by all the specialized media like the match between the Chevrolet Volt and the Nissan Leaf ...


While Tesla has chosen to focus on developing high-end models (Model S and Model X) before launching an affordable model with a price around $ 30,000 in 2015/2016, Fisker has decided to take a step forward by already starting to work on the project Nina.

Indeed Fisker announced yesterday that they are hiring 120 people (engineers, electro technicians) at its plant in Delaware to work specifically on the platform Nina, not much information has filtered but Fisker announces a premium mid-size sedan with range extender, the proprietary EVer technology, its price hasn’t been disclosed but it should be between the ones of the project BlueStar and the Model S. Fisker’s the second model will be presented before the end of 2012 and commercialized in 2013.

About the Project BlueStar

After the reveal of the arrival of the Model X (crossover) in late 2013, and the Model S in time, new rumors indicate a more affordable model that would be mass-produced, a mid-size/compact saloon with a price around $ 30,000.

This new vehicle is expected for 2015-2016 it will be developed by one of the two partners of the Californian brand ... Toyota or Daimler? Speculations are open ...

Awaiting the third round, here is what to expect from the second one coming next year (the video of the Model S is an exlcusive teaser of the Model S!)

Via Tesla / Fisker

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