An electric go kart to go please!

This is the concept created and designed by Beau Reid from Beau Designs.

GoKart2Go (2).png

Made entirely of carbon fiber (frame and body), it weighs only 29.5 kilograms!
Inspired by and developed the same way as a formula 1, the go kart powered by an electric motor and fed by lithium ion batteries could reach a top speed of 100kph.

GoKart2Go (3).png

But the best is yet to come ... In order to ease its transport, the chassis can be folded, thanks to removable parts such as the steering wheel and the wheels in a record time, then the structure of the go kart folds in half to fit in a trunk. Folded dimensions are76cm wide, 76cm long and 38cm high.

GoKart2Go (6).png

Via Beau Reid / Article by H. Le Flanchec
Par Technologic Vehicles
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