(VIDEO) Electric Mini Hummer Hx, approved by GM!

My Electric Vehicle or MEV, a english company that has a range of 5 electric cars from the Hot Rod look alike to the Lotus Seven; has launched the Hx and HxT two goodlooking mini Hummer.

MEV_mini_hummer_HX (2).JPGMEV_Mini_HUMMER_HXT (2).JPG

These last two models of the brand were born from an agreement with GM they are (especially the “coupé” version) the replica of GM’s ummer HX concept introduced at the Detroit Auto Show in 2008 (see gallery below).


Standard equipment it thought for demanding customers: heated seats, adjustable suspension, Hummer alloy wheels and offers many options such as a DVD player or a roofs fitted with solar panels.
They are available in 5 to 7 standard color choices but customization is possible.

MEV_mini_hummer_HX (3).JPGMEV_Mini_HUMMER_HXT.JPG

MEV has big ambitions with a global launch and already distributors in England, Italy, even in Australia! And soon in France and Belgium ...

The U.S price of the Topless version HxT is $ 14,995, the Hx is priced at $ 15,995.

MEV’s main competitor is StarElectricCars also approved by GM

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