Test fleet of the Golf blue-e-motion launched

Dr. Rudolf Krebs director of the electric propulsion at VW Group has officially launched the first public test fleet of 10 Golf blue-e-motion in Wolfsburg.

This is a mandatory step in the development of electric vehicles in large series in order to understand the user’s needs, and get feedback.

By the end of the year, 28 vehicles will be tested in Wolfsburg.

Golf_blue_e_motion (4).jpgGolf_blue_e_motion (5).jpg

We had the chance to try this Golf blue-e-motion during the Los Angeles Auto Show and had been surprised by the technical achievement of this vehicle presented just a few weeks before...

Other fleets of the electric Golf will be launched this June in Berlin and Hannover, these vehicles will be used by a wide range of users: local authorities, businesses and individuals.
The experiment is supported by an i-Phone application that serves as a remote and gives real time information about the car.

Golf_blue_e_motion (3).jpg

The Golf blue-e-motion with its 115hp and 150km range should arrive in showrooms in 2014

Via VW
Par Technologic Vehicles
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