(VIDEO) The Jaguar C-X75 will be produced, 250 units at £ 700,000 (790000€)

That is something to celebrate; even though very few of us will have the chance to drive or even see it; because a new green Supercar is officially launched today. A direct competitor for the Porsche 918 Spyder
Last year, Jaguar introduced at the Paris Motor Show a beautiful  eco-friendly concept car beautiful, the C-X75.

The original idea was to create a supercar with a range extender based two Bladon Jets mini turbine used as generators. This technology is not forgotten and could emerge in a second time (more technical expensive development). 

At first a different engine will be installed at the heart of this extraordinary sports-car, flagship of Jaguar. 
The engine of this model; produced entirely in Great Britain; will be a little simpler but no less super-car. 
Jaguar will team up with Williams to develop the structure in composites and a carbon fiber chassis in search for weight gain so that the car does not exceed 1400kg despite a 230kg Lithium Ion battery pack. 

The first 200 models of the Jaguar C-X75 (probably not the final name) will be plug-in hybrid based on a high performance Williams F1 four cylinder 1.6 liter (Cosworth engine) that will be fitted to F1 car from 2013. This petrol engine delivering 500HP will work in parallel of electric motors; placed on the front and rear axles; for a total output of 1000hp, 0 to 100kph will take less than 3 seconds and 0 to 160kph less than 6... For a 320kph top speed. 

Some details
50km range in 100% electric 
Four wheel drive 
Expected price between £700,000 and £ 900,000 depending on the local market and taxes
Emissions under 99g/km 
Released in 2013 

Via Jaguar
Par Technologic Vehicles
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