Burton Electric a Dutch "oldtimer" roadster based on the 2CV

Burton Car Company was founded in 1993 by Dimitri and Iwan Göbel  created the Burton in 2000, customizable cars, virtually every component is interchangeable. 

Built on the chassis of a 2CV, the Burtons therefore offer a very low a cost of parts and maintenance, the 2CV is 5 million units sold in 45 years ...

Burton_Electric (10).jpg

During the 2011AutoRai in Amsterdam which closed its doors last Saturday, they showed a newcomer with an electric engine.

Burton_Electric (6).jpgBurton_Electric (3).jpg

Thanks to its design and origin of the parts, the Burton Electric weighs only 740kg while its electric engine develops instantly 120Nm, enough to provide pleasant sensations.

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The Burton Electric, with its classic roadster look welcomes 2 people with a maximum weight of 180kg. 
Its maximum speed is 120kph for 140km of range, perfect to enjoy the country or seaside roads in the sun and in silence. All for a price of 38,000 €.

Via Burton

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