Friedrichshafen Aero 2011: Those Magnificent Men in their Electric Flying Machines

The exhibition Aero 2011 is an opportunity to focus on the models of electric trikes and self launched electric gliders under development or available on the market through the Berblinger Flight Competition in partnership with the city of Ulm, an event happening during Aero 2011.

24 participants out of 36 applications were selected and for various reasons (lack of funds, documentation, licensing ...) only 18 were able to participate. Thanks to the e-flight expo (division of Aero), an entire hall was reserved to these electric planes.

Out of the 18 projects we selected 15 because of their electric or hydrogen propulsion:

-Lange Aviation, Antares 20E, a one seater self launched electric glider (EASA granted) with a Lithium-Ion battery pack allowing a 90min range

Lange_Antares 20 E.jpg

-Lange Research Aircraft, Antares DLR-H2 based on the Antares 20E and developed with the German Aerospace Center: two external storage areas, EASA granted, experimental aircraft powered by hydrogen, its successor, the Antares H3 is already under development.

Lange_Antares DLR H2.jpg

-Schempp-Hirth, Arcus E, 2 seater electric self launched glider, Lange Aviation engine, SAFT Lithium-Ion battery pack (VL41M) placed in the wings, a small wind turbine supplied by Winreich AG is used to regenerate the batteries. 45min range.

Schempp-Hirth_ ARCUS-E.JPG

-eGenius developed by the University of Stuttgart in partnership with Airbus and Pipistrel, 2 seater aircraft, CFRP construction (carbon fiber reinforced plastic), 60kW engine, 400km range, consumption of 4.75 kWh per 100km and per passenger.


-Icaro2000, had two models, the E-Pit an ultralight one seater electric trike with a 2kWh Lithium Polymer battery allowing 30 minutes of range. 


Then the Swift-Light Electric, based on the Belgian Swift-Light converted to electric, weight 90kg, battery 2kWh, maximum altitude of 1500m.


PC_AERO_Elektra One.JPG

-Exxtacy-Elektro with two engines for a total power of 10kW (13.5hp) maximum altitude from 600 to 1000 meters, LiFePO4 battery.


-LZ Design FES peak power of 25kW, 3,6kWh Lithium Polymer battery pack (27kg) offering 1h or 100km of range.


-Hynov: based on “La Mouette” trike, Gerard Thevenot has developed a 100% hydrogen trike developing 10kW of power for a capacity of 7.5 kWh


-Silent Glider-ME: power of 10kW, 2kWh battery and maximum altitude of 1400m


-Sunair Sunlight, unfortunately not much information is available on this electric ultralight.


-La Mouette, Tandem Electric trike, two-seater ultralight trike developed by Laurent Thevenot, maximum load 155kg, unladen weight 21kg, 20kg of batteries, engine developing 13kW for 30 minutes of range.



The LEAP 2011 took place during the Friedrichshafen Aero 

NB: The information presented is not exhaustive and is based on the available specifications.

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