Hybrid Supercar: the Porsche 918 Spyder goes on sale, 918 units at € 645,000 (845,000€)

Today Porsche announced that they were starting to take orders for the 918 Spyder and revealed some new drawings.
Despite a 500HP V8 engine coupled to two electric motors for an additionnal 218hp estimatation of fuel economy are 3l/100km with emissions of only 70g/km! 

This Porsche is a plug-in hybrid that offers a 25km range in full electric (speed limited to 150kph), the lithium Ion battery charge takes about 3 hours (quick charge option available). 
Official figures will be revealed in 2013 shortly before the arrival of the first units at year end.

Regarding performances the 918 Spyder will provide its share of adrenaline with 0 to 100 announced in 3.2 seconds and a max speed standing at 320 kph. 

Only 918 units will be built at € 645,000 (excluding VAT) 
Here is finally a green unconventional offer for the rich supercar enthusiasts respecting Porsche’s pedigree while adopting innovative technological solutions. 

And since in Germany and for sports car the Nurburgring is the referent, the 918 Spyder is two tenths of seconds faster than the Carrera GT... 
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