(VIDEO) BetterPlace’s first European center in Denmark

After tests based on the Nissan Qashqai with Taxis in Japan and an infrastructure installed in San Francisco and Israel, BetterPlace is now starting operations on the European market. 

In partnership with Renault, BetterPlace has just revealed its first European location, a center in Copenhagen, Denmark where it shows its technology and offers to sell the Renault Fluence ZE along with their contracts. 

Better Place Center 2.jpgBetter Place Center - Mini Battery Switch Model.jpg

In the "Prime Time" trim available at € 27,496 in Denmark the Fluence ZE includes standard equipment such as: air conditioning, GPS, power management via a specific onboard computer, CD radio ... 

BetterPlace’s offer is marketed for individuals but also fleets and government agencies with five different prices depending on the use of the car: 
-For more than 40.000km annual, the package "all you can drive" is sold at 399 € / month 
-For the consumers who drive less than 20,000 km prices range from 199 to 249 € per month. 

Each subscription includes a one time fee of 1341 € for the installation of a charging station at home. 

Renault Fluence charging 2.jpgBetter Place ladestander.jpg

First deliveries of the Fluence ZE "Prime Time" in Denmark will happen in 2011 fourth quarter. 

Thanks to the battery swap technology that takes less than 5 minutes, the Fluence ZE equipped with BetterPlace’s  QuickDrop system has virtually an unlimited range with no recharge time (as long as you remain in Denmark)... 

You can find Renault Fluence ZE specs here 

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