The Chevy Volt on sale in Europe at € 41,950

GM, which already sales the Opel Ampera in Europe: an car with range extender ( a small gasoline engine is used as a generator to power the electric motor when the batteries are depleted, therefore, it uses less gas than a conventional combustion engine) whose first units of the final version presented in Geneva will be delivered within the coming months. 

Via its Chevrolet brand, GM has announced, after an European presentation on the Geneva Motor Show that the Volt will be launched in Europe this year at a price under the one of the Ampera (950€ less) ! 

Following the success of its American model, Chevrolet has decided to conquer the European market even if the cannibalizes its sales of the Opel model.

Chevrolet-Volt-launched-inEurope.jpgOpel Ampera (2).jpg
This aggressive European strategy at Chevy is also noticeable on the after sale service: in order to reassure consumers, Chevrolet offers a guarantee of 8 years / 160000km on the battery and the powertrain ... 

The Chevrolet Volt will arrive in November. 

For the record the technology allows a range of 40 to 80km in 100% electric mode (with 3 to 4 hours recharge time) and a total range of almost 600km through its engine/generator. 

The price revealed is the German one, EU prices should not differ much... 

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