(VIDEO) Detroit 2011, the Porsche 918 RSR

For some weeks Porsche had been teasing a special reveal in Detroit. 
Rumors were saying it was a race version of the 918 spyder and it finally is. 
But from now on, who says race version at Porsche also says hybrid! This new model is the latest vehicle of the Porsche Intelligent Performance program. The 918 RSR uses technologies developed on the hybrid models of the range, in particular the 997 R Hybrid. 

The 918 RSR is presented as a synthesis of the recent hybrid developments at Porsche.
Or how to obtain always more performances but with a sustainable spirit!

The V8 gasoline engine with direct injection reaches 10.300rpm. Combined with two 75kW electric engines on the front wheels delivering additional 200hp the total power output is rated at 767hp!

The additional power is obtained during braking and stored in a kinetic storage unit or flywheel which can move up to 36000rpm. It is the element you can see in place of the passenger seat. When the flywheel is charged, a simple push on a button delivers the additional power.

Otherwise, for the style: the 918 Spyder was already magnificent but this race version is even more beautiful. Combining high-tech with retro looks in colors and numbers making reference to Porsche past in motor racing, the pure perfection...

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