3000 preorders for the Tesla Model S

While the first units will be delivered only in 2012, Tesla already registered 3000 preorders. An interesting way to raise funds considering that every customer has to pay a $5000 deposit, that makes 15.000.000 dollars.

Tesla surfs on the success of its Roadster and its recent alliances with Toyota and Panasonic. 

Mercedes chose Tesla batteries for its electric A-Class and its electric Smart ForTwo, BMW is also interested in Tesla’s batteries, their method based on laptops batteries is considered 30 % less heavy, 50 % less voluminous and more effective 10 %! Rumors say that even VW is considering Tesla batteries… 
Such potential volumes should be enough to lower batteries production costs (2/3 of electric vehicles price) while increasing their performances.

Therefore it seems likely that, despite new Tesla losses in the last quarter, the model S, and its beautiful design, arrives in 2012 keeping the promises of its secs sheet if not better … The road tests with a prototype are supposed to start before year end.

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