(VIDEO) Flying taxi, the Volocopter tested in Paris region in 2021 aiming for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games


We have been following the Volocopter since its beginnings in 2012 this prototype has come a long way and with huge prospects (commercial and private) it is starting to make its way in our cities. After a buzz in Dubai in 2016, it is in Paris and more precisely on the Pontoise aerodrome that it will be tested for potential use during the 2024 Paris Olympic games.


VoloCity is a multicopter, spearhead of the eVTOL technology, all electric it is powered by 18 electric motors each linked to a propeller, thus providing maximum stability and more safety in case one of them has a failure.

At the beginning of September ADP and RATP are joining forces to form an urban air mobility unit, they will establish a test zone created on the Pontoise aerodrome from June 2021 after setting up a specific environment, in particular for charging.
The announced objective, the 2024 Olympic Games, which would allow an international demonstration of a new form of urban mobility.
The CEO of Volocopter welcomes this agreement and hopes it will lead to air taxi routes within 2 to 3 years in France, Europe and more.

The announcement follows international launches with test flights in Berlin during the Greentech Festival with demo flights at 300€, and the announcement of a partnership with Japan Airlines in Japan.


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