(VIDEO) Future of electric bicycle, Schaeffler's BioHybrid demo


Last summer, we presented this electric bicycle designed by the German high-tech subcontractor Schaeffler, after having made a name with highly technological automotive components, they are now also looking into the electric bike market with a very interesting demonstrator, the Bio- Hybrid.

Schaeffler recently started to focus its development on electric powertrains with several demonstrators vehicles that we present regularly, their commitment goes even to the Formula E in partnership with ABT.

Since the beginning of 2017, the Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid has been presented in Detroit and at the CES in Las Vegas. No more detailed information on its specs than during the first reveal of the concept in the summer of 2016 but a functional prototype now!

For the record, the initial concept is a pedelec with a maximum speed of 25kph but with more comfort and protection against bad weather, the targeted range is between 50 and 100km for a weight of 60kg and a configuration 1 + 1 which makes it possible to welcome a second person according to the initial pitch (indeed you can see in the video that a space is reserved for a second person - although this is not highlighted or demonstrated).
No production is expected since it is only a technological demonstrator but also a very innovative concept that has got everything right and that could lead the way!


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