(VIDEO) Essence a french electric motorcycle brand whose name tries to fool you but not the specs!!


In August 2015 we had a crush for Martin Hulin's e-raw bike, a prototype of electric bike that gave birth to a brand, Essence Motocycles.


At the time we already understood that its designer was ambitious, because he didn't stop to the concept and went all the way to the prototype stage, and we are glad to learn and to make you discover a more production ready version, the E-Raw v2 with a specs sheet before its official reveal in a few weeks in Lyon where the start-up is based!
The Essence e-Raw with its misleading name is an electric motorcycle which wishes to return to the essence of the mobility, their slogan is "Switch to electric, return to the essence".
Its price is not communicated yet such as the intentions of Martin on volumes or production ...
The 2017 prototype of the e-Raw is powered by a motor of 80kW and 180nm in peak supported by a battery of 10.1kWh which allows to reach a maximum speed of 155kph with 185km of range ... Despite its weight of 167kg, the 0 to 100kph takes only 3.5 seconds!
For the French electric superbike we thought that Voxan - now under the aegis of Venturi - would have drawn-off first, but since the concept Wattman not many updates and news, bravo Essence!
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