(VIDEO) Autonomous UBERs starts testing in San Francisco


We talked about it in September, UBER is preparing a fleet of "driverless" vehicles, more specifically the Volvo XC90. For the demonstration, UBER has just posted a video that announces the installation of a second test fleet in San Francisco.


After three months of testing and development in Pittsburgh (where the legislation is more open ...) the fleet now extends to San Francisco. UBER is particularly interested in coupling this autonomous vehicle with the UberX car-sharing program, which makes it possible to control both the environmental impact by reducing the number of vehicles in circulation and also for the user to offer a more attractive price!
Regarding the authorizations for this test fleet, UBER has simply decided (after studies and consultations) to do without... The reasons? First, after the conclusive Pittsburgh tests they are confident and two there will always be a driver behind the wheel even if the car takes the decisions, an operator remains present for safety reasons.

The press release does not reveal the number of vehicles put into circulation in San Francisco but this a foretaste of a future with autonomous cars and taxis, although still monitored for now .. Because, with UBER or Google's impulsion, the industry will mutate very quickly!
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