Lucid Motors 1000hp and 130kWh to overtake the Tesla Model S


Update of November 9th article with the first official images of the car

Many new players are entering the electric mobility market, driven by Tesla's success and the prospects of this growing market. Also after Faraday Future or more recently NIO, here is a new actor, Lucid Motors who works on a very sporty electric sedan!



Lucid Motors is the new name of Atieva that we had already crossed in August with their Van Edna which was mainly used to demonstrate their performances and tease the future model. Based in the Silicon Valley they announce an electric sedan of 1000hp and 100kWh of battery for a range of 480km .. for the basic model! Indeed a model with 130kWh and more than 640km of range is also expected!


In order to offer this range and satisfy its ambitions (10,000 units per year to start then 60,000 at an undisclosed term...) Lucid Motors announced earlier this week a partnership with Samsung SDI, their secret, cylindrical lithium ion cells with better density and greater safety.

On the positioning side it will be priced accordingly to its specs sheet, above Tesla! Case to follow very closely, the first prototypes are already on the road and the final version should arrive in 2018!

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