Daimler, Volkswagen, BMW, Ford: alliances and big projects on the market of the electric motor car


The manufacturers Volkswagen, Daimler, Ford and BMW are dynamic on the electric motor car market. Why ? Thanks to a recent partnership to develop charging stations for electric cars and others innovative electric offensives of all kinds. Focus on the news bound to these car manufacturers.


A big partnership to develop very fast borders of refill of electric motor car


Daimler, BMW, Ford and Volkswagen, groups which gather the brands Ford, Mercedes, Smart, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche, revealed last Tuesday they had set up a large-scale partnership. The almost completely germanophil alliance aims to create a producing society of ultra-fast and standardized borders of refill for electric motor cars (and plug-in hybrids).


The borders of refill which will be produced by these four giants of the automobile will have a 350 kilowatt power each, who will allow the motorists to make a complete height in 30 minutes (the refill will nevertheless not be free). It is approximately twelve times as fast as a traditional border.


The beginning of the implementation of these borders of refill is planned for the next year. From there to the end of year 2017, the objective is to spread 400 borders through Europe, on strategic points - " important main highways " according to the french media Les Echos.


A unique partnership which represents, according to his actors, a mattering " step to facilitate the development of a mass market for the battery-driven vehicle ".


It is also to solve the problem of the unequal network of infrastructures of refill, and  to solve the problem of waste of time and organizational complexity lifted by the already existing borders of refill, which can be source of brake in the purchase of an electric vehicle for a consumer.


Large-scale projects around the electric motor car for the car manufacturers


These last manufacturers does not stop in this partnership to boost the segment of the electric vehicle: they seem to be at top speed on this promising market and they are launching, each in their own way, ambitious electric offensives.


Volkswagen, at first, announced (as Daimler has recently done), that the group want to invest some 10 billion euros in the sector of the clean car by 2025, maybe to regain prestige following the scandal of the rigged engines which has pursued the brand. The group aspires to sell about 3 million electric motor cars, once again on the horizon 2025.


Moreover, the last parisian motorshow was the opportunity for Daimler to launch its range named " EQ " with Mercedes, with whom the manufacturer wishes to produce approximately ten electric models, for the majority with big autonomy (SUV, Sedans), for the others - city’s model Smart, normally among three - at reduced prices.


BMW remains the leader between the four brands : he is the first one to have thrown an electric range, his range "i".


Leader of the plug-in hybrid in the USA, Ford is nevertheless still a little marginal on the electric segment. It is not without taking into account its current projects to find a special place on the market: one Ford Model E (brand name in 2013) of more than 300 km of autonomy before 2019 for example.

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