Thrustcycle Gyrocycle a self-balanced electric motorcycle in the Akira style


If you like futuristic looks and technology you will be served! Here is a motorcycle designed by Clyde Igarashi, an entrepreneur based in Honolulu



The idea is to offer a self-balanced motorcycle, a concept also imagined and tested by the Californians of Lit Motors for the record.

The Gyrocycle is stabilized thanks to flywheels and will receive an electric powertrain with a battery of 8.5kWh for 130km of range and a maximum speed of 120kph but no information about the power of the motor yet.

There is a prototype of the Gyrocycle (developed in Oregon), although not very sexy in terms of design ... It looks very stable and keeps its balance smoothly without crude corrections, it is promising!
What is also promising is the market launch and envisioned price, the arrival on the market is planned in 2017 at price around $ 20,000!

But this is not it, this model is not the only one of their potential range, an enclosed vehicle with self balancing capabilities is also under development, the Thrustcycle SRT! To be continued!



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