(VIDEO) Hey dude how about some Dronesurfing!


No electric boat to tow you, switch to the drone! How to combine great pics and video and green (towed) surfing ? Freefly has the solution for you!



Manufacturer of high-tech drones, the company Freefly relies on more than 10 years experience as suppliers of the movie industry, they offer only premium stuff, stabilizers (their core business) drones  (Alta range) or rolling (model Tero).



The drone in question in the video named Alta 6 is a multirotor with 6 propellers ... Indeed you cannot use any drone to enjoy some dronesurfing, clearly you need power even if the surfer does not start still! And the price is at the level, we are talking about a $ 12,000 drone!

The drones are constantly evolving, soon they will deliver us home (like Amazon, TNT or DPD and GeoDrone in France) or even allow to move as single-person helicopters, several projects are underway, two in Asia Hirobo Bit in Japan and the Chinese Ehang184, in Europe it is the Germans from e-volo who are more the most advanced with their multi-rotor!

More and more recreational and increasingly useful, they will clear be part of our daily life!


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