(VIDEO) A skateboard powered by 3D printed electric ducted fans is 9000watt of awesomeness


Here is a project highly innovative, original and dangerous !! A skateboard powered by two electric ducted fans with a total power output of 9000Watt


The name of its designers: Hacksmith Industries clearly refers to Stark, therefore, you will not be surprised to read that they aim to fly like Iron Man!


Indeed, this crazy skateboard idea is just part of a much crazier project from theHacksmith which is simply to fly like Tony Strak! It might make you smile but they are clever, well equipped and determined in theHacksmith!!
The “plan” started last year and after several tests (often empirical) they focused on electric ducted fans and develop each component at the time:  propulsion and steering / stabilization.

If you are handy enough they are very open-source in the Hacksmith and give you the 8-step procedure under the video to build your own turbine propelled skateboard!

Here is then a step of the crazy project, and below, their plan detailed with humor!


True Superheros of the DIY, they are also very keen to any comics and are also working on Captain America’s electromagnetic shield or on Batman accessories if you want to have a look on their website !!

Via AutoEvolution

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