The Valene Black Mamba: What a thrill that is technologically simple!


On the 29th of July, the Maltese company Silex Power revealed their first-ever electric vehicle; the Valene black Mamba. The prototype three-wheeled sport car, which is supposed to start selling in 2017, is the latest gift the Maltese maker of modern and innovative cars is offering. Halfway between a motorcycle and vehicle, the Black Mamba brings the thrills of driving a motorcycle, and offers the comfort and security of an electric vehicle.

Black Mamba’s inception dates back to a few years now, fortunately sport car lovers won’t have to wait any more to see the superlight and powerful vehicle. It’s already possible to pre-order a version on the car’s website without a deposit.

For whom is it designed? Magnificently designed with 818 horsepower, it’s sure to delight more than one! Truthfully, it’s for speed enthusiasts.

The promise of a “green” and reliable car

Firstly, it’s a superlight three-wheeled vehicle, with engines whose power ranges from 80kW to 600kW.  Regarding autonomy, again the vehicle surprisingly offers three batteries (15kW, 30kW, 50kW), the last one has maximum autonomy of 500 km. In addition; it is equipped with a fast-charging system (the 15kW one charges in 15 minutes whereas the 50kW one charges in 1 hour).

For Silex Power, comfort and safety are a priority. The latter, carefully built and innovated the vehicle’s strong chassis made of steel, to protect the driver more efficiently. In case of a frontal collision, the legs of the driver and the passenger will not touch the front axle. Therefore, there is a less chance of injuring one’s legs.

A few assets

The Black Mamba has been aerodynamically optimized to offer minimal air resistance, so it can go faster and gain speed easily. The aerodynamics of the vehicle allows it cool down the battery pack and the engine when it’s speeding.

The Clarion, a digital sound system is included, offering high quality sound whilst preserving the battery. The Clarion system also connects to smartphones or tablets for the pleasure of technology lovers!

The vehicle starts from € 35,000 ($39,315), however additional charges can be added with other features, such as the Clarion Full Digital system that is about 3,000€ ($3,369).

Beyond the creating a car…

According to Director of Engineering of Silex, Fiorino Finos, «We started from the common belief that the respect and attention to the environment are not only an ethical concern, but also an opportunity for development, investment and creation of jobs ». This is the vision of the Maltese company.


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