Renault Mobility: Autolib gets some competion with a car-sharing system by Renault


Renault will launch its own car-sharing service available 24h/24 and 7days/7 at the « Mondial de l’Automobile » next October in Paris. Named Renault Mobility, it has been in the trial phase since June 2016 in the business District La Défense (outskirts of Paris) and in La Queue-en-Brie (Val-de-Marne).

Initiated through a partnership with Renault Bellini (Schumacher group), Renault Mobility is first and foremost a chance to propose a customized means of mobility to the public and companies. Two models of vehicles with thermal engines are available for car-sharing together with one model of an electric car (Zoé).

How does it work?

« With Renault Mobility, Renault proposes a Renault vehicle or another brand, easily accessible and available at all times. The aim is to answer to all needs of mobility with solutions that are flexible, adapted and at the best cost. » according to the company’s spokesperson.

Firstly, users are asked do register free-of-charge at Renault Mobility. Secondly, the latter should download a free app compatible with Apple and Android smartphones. The free app allows users to unlock the doors of the vehicle chosen as well as take the car back to its first location.

For the moment, the service will be deployed in urban areas, but according to the brand, it shouldn’t take long to put in place in rural areas.

Car-sharing as a strategy to diversify activities

Renault is well positioned on the electric vehicles segment with the Zoé electric car being one of the most sold electric vehicles in France in 2015. With Renault Mobility, the brand makes a logical choice to give users and companies the option of ecological mobility. All the while, the company extends the usage of the Renault car. Car-sharing is considered as a means of optimising mobility and this attracts users because they can travel sharing costs.

A car-renting service deployed in Denmark

Next autumn, the car-sharing service will be launched in Copenhagen in partnership with the Danish operator green Mobility. The French brand will launch an offer that is 100% electric and will deploy 450 Zoé cars in the capital of Denmark.

The service could be extended to other countries such as Norway and Sweden, since the demand for this type of services is high. 

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