(VIDEO) Siemens’ Extra 33LE high power electric aircraft


It was on June 24 that Siemens Motors announced the first public flight of it’s electric aircraft with a super powerful engine (SP260D motor). According to the German company, the engine is particularly potent and well adapted to aircrafts. The demonstration run was organized at Schwarze Heide Airport, near Dinslaken, Germany.

A new chapter for aviation

“This day will change aviation,” stated Frank Anton, head of eAircraft at Siemens’ central research unit Corporate Technology. “This is the first time that an electric aircraft in the quarter-megawatt performance class has flown.



The best possible performances

The press release says, “The Extra 330LE, which weighs nearly 2,200 pounds, serves as a flying test bed for the new propulsion system.. “By 2030, we expect to see initial aircraft with up to 100 passengers and a range of around 1,000 km,” continued Anton.

The aircraft puts out 260 kilowatts (348.5 horsepower) in near silence according to Siemens. As for the engine, it adds little weight to the aircraft and only weighs 50 kg (110 pounds).

To continue this adventure, Siemens believes that much risk needs to be taken and innovation must continue.

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