(VIDEO) Boeing’s u-shaped solar-powered plane can fly forever


Four years ago, the first solar-powered airplane completed an intercontinental flight. NASA flew its pilotless, sustained flights in 2014. Just two months ago, a solar plane made history after it crossed the Pacific Ocean. Even though, it may be a slow and steady race, Boeing wants to part of it.

The quest to create solar-powered electric planes goes back at least to 1980 with the creation of the MacCready Gossamer Penguin, and the field has grown with the rise of lightweight composites and more efficient photoelectric cells. The best-known example is Solar Impulse 2.

Capture and stock energy in a clever way

Flying several years on solar power is possible according to Boeing.

Boeing’s plane stays aloft powered solely by sunlight. It flies without an on board human pilot, so it’s controlled from a station on the ground.

Its winglets aren't just for stability; they also gather low-angle sunlight for months and even years. They are relatively long, up to 0.7 times the length of the main wing.

Stability at a fixed altitude

The plane is ideal for communication systems use with radio signals, cell phone signals, microwave transmissions, television broadcasts, and even Internet connections.

The plane could also be equipped with atmospheric sensing systems for measuring wind, temperature, humidity, gases present, sunlight, and other purposes.

Some say that the plane could one day replace satellites, for the moment, nothing is sure, let’s remain realistic.

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