(VIDEO) Kyburz eRod, an electric roadster that shakes!


Introduced originally in world premiere at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show we had then spotted this electric roadster between the kart and the KTM X-Bow... But as summer is (almost) there here is the time to return on this funky roadster!

The eRod was developed by Kyburz, a Swiss company specialized in electric vehicles - more likely in the elederly and without license style with electric tricycle and quadricycle ... For the buzz and mostly for fun, they developed this big kart very playful that they call eRod


Available in 3 levels of power / specs from the "Basic" model to "Race" which weighs 650kg for 200hp and a torque of 350Nm... A tiny jet-fighter! And with a 39kWh battery you are good for 220km of range!

Its frame is made from tubes, the car can be purchased complete or as a kit, no price is announced on their website but the sensations are guaranteed seated on the floor with a harness to avoid being ejected at the very first corner!

The Kyburz eRod is road-legal in Switzerland, remains to see whether this is also the case in the rest of Europe!
In France, we remind the Pariss Electric roadster still under development and which should ultimately focus on racing!


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