(VIDEO) E-Go aircraft: serial production set to start this year


Giotto Castelli in his drive for perfection made the remarkably light, compact and accessible airplane.


E-Go offers high flexibility

E-Go was constructed from lightweight carbon fiber. The small aircraft is powered by a compact Wankel rotary engine, which is an adaptation of a Rotron engine usually designed to work in UAVs. Like the Wankel rotary engine, the Rotron engine is very small and lighter than any other UAV specific engine.



Its wings (11,5 m2) are removable and made of carbon fiber as well, so the aircraft can easily be parked in your garage for example.

E-Go was built first and foremost to allow low-cost flying.

The specifications of the E-Go

Its power comes from a 22kW Wankel rotary engine. Incredibly light, the power plant only weighs 23 kg and can reach the remarkable speed of 167km/h in flight.  The aircraft’s maximum take off weight is 270 kg, which is enough to leave you the possibility of carrying on board equipment or small luggage (up to 15kg). However, the estimated maximum weight of the pilot is 110 kg. It’s not for the heavy and generously proportioned!


Why is it called a low-cost aircraft?

 To make the aircraft low-cost, the team that built it didn’t just focus on the refuelling on the engine. They took into consideration, the cost of storing and transporting the aircraft. In deed, E-Go’s wings can be demounted, which allows cutting down on expensive hangar rentals.

Serial production of the plane has now begun, with prices starting at £50,000 or 62,981€. On the official website details are available for those who want to order.


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