The 2016 Pariss electric becomes an connected electric race car


We follow and present this French electric roadster called Pariss since 2012, but 2016 and its last fundraising modified the project, it becomes a connected race car, an innovative driving school!


We last saw it at the 1.618 show in 2014 and gave an update on its development, at the time it was not question of racing but the company's strategy has changed: exit the series vehicle market, the Pariss offers an innovative approach to racing and driving.

While the final version of the Pariss racecar arrives in less than two weeks, it was presented on the 2016 Ever Monaco Show in a sporty pre-production version!




In addition to its spoiler placed it directly into the world of sportscar, performance go hand in hand with a weight of 850kg, four-wheel drive and two motor options 180 or 225kW (over 300 hp) for a 0 to 100kph that can go under 3 seconds and a limited top speed of 200kph.

Not street legal in these versions the 30kWh battery allows 35 to 40 minutes of track use!

Finally to allow an optimal training of pilots it is fitted with cameras, telemetry and tracking of the trajectories for a 3.0 driving school as announced by Pariss Electric!

The price is set around € 100,000, its arrival is scheduled for the end of the year with volumes from 50 to 200 units per year at medium term!

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