Tesla Model 3, a compact Model X or Model S?


While Tesla will officially reveal its smallest model in the range in a few days - the Tesla Model 3 - the rumors, teasers and first infos bloom, here's an overview of what can be seen/heard!


First the official teaser posted on Twitter where we see Tesla's vehicle range from the front-end and a Model 3 covered, not much to see!



Two options to consider a compact Model S or Model X in the B Class or BMW 2-Series way (very popular format and therefore likely ..) as foreshadowes some pictures that emerge on the web and sow confusion.... Because, according to Elon Musk we must rather expect a sedan like an Audi A4 or 3-Series, with a size 20% smaller than the Model S.



Tesla's Model 3 in figures

Presented on 31 March, the Model 3 promises 320km of range (200miles) for a price of $ 35,000 (expect the equivalent in €) and first deliveries by the end of 2017!
The Model 3 is important for the brand as it will be the instrument volume and hopefully profit!


Once again Tesla creates a lot of rumors and interest but the wait is not very long now ... Stay tuned !!

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