Geneva 2016: Micro -goes from kickscooter to micro ev with style - a modern electric Isetta Microlino


Here is a novelty from Switzerland that we spotted on the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the Microlino, a Swiss electric car designed by Micro, the specialist of the kickscooter!



With the development and success of this mode of transportation in recent years and its electric version that attracts older customers, the Micro brand decided to go further and offers an interesting concept of electric vehicle!

The Microlino is a modernized version of the legendary 50s Isetta, it uses the same codes with two-tones colors white and blue, offers two seats with an entrance through the front door and a steering wheel that slides like the original!

The first prototype was launched this year and offers the following specifications:
A 12kW electric motor drives the rear wheel and allows a maximum speed of 90kph for 130km of range with a 11kWh battery pack and a weight of 400kg (without battery).


Its price is announced at € 9,950, the production start of the series model is expected next year and already more than 340 reservations have been registered since its introduction! A successful beginning  for this modern Isetta!

You can add the electric scooter eMicro One to the Microlino to be perfectly electro-mobile until the last kilometer!


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