E-Wazuma by Lazareth & NTN-SNR


Here is the latest creation of Lazareth - and presumably the first electric one! The crazy tuner from Annecy will present at Lyon's bike show which opens tomorrow an electric trike prototype, the E-Wazuma.



The Wazuma is a Lazareth creation: a motorcycle between the four wheel vehicle and the trike with its wide track in front and short in the back! It seems straight out of a science fiction movie! Equipped originally a Yamaha R1 engine, it houses in this electrified version two in-wheel motors (developed for 3 years by NTN-SNR) developing 30kW each, more compact than the gasoline engine and fitted with torque vectoring for about 80hp, it is accessible with car license!



This unidentified rolling object is presented by Lazareth and NTN-SNR as a tricycle with its twin rear wheels and promises great accelerations thanks to the 490nm torque! This is a 100% French development with electric motors by NTN-SNR, the prototype by Lazareth, 10kWh battery by Tyva Energie, and Viveris Technologies for the electronic management.

The E-Wazuma is currently a prototype but could be produced.
Lazareth had previously developed a prototype of Honda Civic for NTN-SNR - also equipped with the in-wheel motors - but we haven't found informations on the prototype!

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