(VIDEO) Geneva 2016 - Morgan EV3 - an electric three wheeler for eco-friendly hipsters


We are talking about it since the first leaks of the EV3 project,  on the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Morgan officially unveils the electrified version of the UFO that made the glory of the brand in the 30s, the 3 wheeler.



The information has leaked since June 2015 and we have seen the evolution with the different prototypes, still in pre-production phase, the style is now definitive and specs more precise:

It design evolves with a retro-futuristic look in the "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" way including asymmetrical lights.
Performances: 90mph (145kph) and a 0 to 100kph in less than 9 seconds with your hair flying and without protection etc ... it must be funny!

Besides for optimal safety the 20kWh lithium battery is encased in the tubular frame.


The rear wheel is powered by a 46kW motor or just over 62ch for a range of 150 miles (240km).

The weight remains under 500kg through the use - and this is a first for Morgan - of carbon composite panels such as the hood for example.
Its price is announced as comparable to the one of a conventional 3 wheeler whose price starts from € 42,900, the production will begin in Q4 of this year!


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