(VIDEO) Green GT x Pininfarina = H2 Speed


The 2016 Geneva Motor Show signs the return of GreenGT with a concept car designed by Pininfarina and that houses the latest developments of the hydrogen race car that we follow since 2011 ...



This racing car reaches its goal with an autonomy similar to classic race cars and a refueling in 3 minutes (hydrogen storage capacity of 6.1kg).

Its frame and its brakes are in carbon, it is powered by two electric motors for a total 503hp and a 210kW fuel cell.
Its total weight is 1420kg only with a max speed of 300 kph and a 0 to 100kph in 3.4 seconds, not bad for a car that emits only water! And almost in silence because this H2 Speed makes a particular sound because of its fuel cell ...

Its design is dictated primarily by aerodynamics , racing purposes and the requirements of the technology.
To note, Pininfarina describes the H2 Speed like a car halfway between the race car and a supercar in small series... Should we see a hint?

That would make the H2 Speed the first hydrogen sportscar - remember also that Aston Martin had already raced a hydrogen Rapide developed with Alset Global on the Nurburgring!


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