(VIDEO) Techrules - Wants to succeed where Jaguar failed - Turbine Range Extender


Here is the return of a technology that Jaguar presented in the C-X75 but whose development has been aborted, the turbine range extender!


Hybrid hypercar Techrules AT96 the figures:

1044hp and 8640nm of torque, the 0 to 100kph in 2.5 seconds and 350kph vmax, all this with a 20kWh battery, greatly reducing the weight of the car .. Therefore it weights 1380kg only thanks to this technology and a carbon fiber monocoque!

But still TechRules accounts to go under the 1000kg barrier for the production version ... Once again, the optimism of young manufacturers is to be taken with caution but here is the car as described!


The turbine provides 36kW of power at 96.000 rpms and the total weight of the technology is limited to 100kg, this technology is developed in-house and bears the name of TREV (Turbine Recharging Electric Vehicle) from this innovation and the 20kWh battery, TechRules promises more than 2000km of range!

The start of production of the "first Chinese supercar" will happen in  "a few" years and city cars will come later! Apparently a prototype already exists and would be tested since February 2016!


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