(VIDEO) The Bugatti Chiron sets the bar at 2.4€ million and 420kph!


Finally revealed on the 2016 Geneva Show, here is the superlative Chiron, replacement for the non-least spectacular Veyron in its final version with a specs sheet and a price !!



We had presented it several times .. Here is the confirmation of a number of copies, only 500 units are announced at a price of 2.4 million €! It becomes the most exclusive and most expensive "series" hypercar, it must maintain the title of its "ancestor"...

The (limited) maximum speed is 420kph! And despite its exorbitant price, one third of the production is already pre-ordered the first units are expected by the end of 2016.

Originally there was talk of a hybrid powertrain but for now the brand does not disclose specific informations about it ....

The 8liters W16 has been fully redesigned and uses four turbochargers for a total power of 1500hp and 1600nm of torque that stretches from 2000 to 6000 rpms.



About design it incorporates lines of the Veyron while honoring the traditions of the brand with this arc of circle visible on the profile of the car that recalls the design of iconic models of the brand!


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