Bultaco Brinco, a sports all terrain electric bike!


While we announced the comeback of Bultaco with electric motorcycles in May 2014, the brand is also launching a sporty electric bike called Brinco!

Electric motorcycles Bultaco Rapitan and Rapitan Sport
The Spanish brand has decided to enter a dynamic market that is growing very quickly - even more than motorcycles - with an electric mountain bikes available in 25 and 45kph speeds.



The Brinco is a "moto bike" with the power of a moped on a bike frame for a minimal weight. Indeed, the Brinco is powered by a 2kW and 60Nm electric motor while most of the pedelecs are normalized to 250watts!

Its weight is announced at 39kg, the 1.3kWh battery is removable in 15 seconds and recharge takes 3 hours, the range in electric only is about 30km and can reach 80km pedaling.



The power of 2kW is limited either to 25kph or 45kph depending on the model chosen Brinco R or Brinco S, prices from € 4,900!

The 175 units of the "Brinco is back" version are already sold, encouraging figures! After, Bultaco will be supported by a network of 10 distributors, in France  the company Electrik Bike will develop the network in 13 major cities!


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