The MadAss gets electric - Saxxx MadAss E!


While we presented just a few hours ago the concept of electric scooter ETT, it seems that the fall is pushing the launch of electric two wheelers... as the EV market gains foothold!



You may know the Sachs MadAss a gasoline scooter with a look of a moped coming from the future, this legendary German brand with origins dating back to 1886 is owned by SFM Bikes, they have just revealed an electric version dubbed Saxxx MadAss E.


SFM Bikes owns several brands and sell electric bicycles and electric or gasoline scooters, hence the MadAss E is added to the range, we dreamt about it in front of the MadAss 125, it is now a reality!


Specs and price of the Saxxx MadAss E


Compared to the 125cc MadAss that we present in 2011, the tubes are not round but square, and the Mad Ass E folds! The electric powertrain is composed of a 1.5kW motor which develops 250Nm of torque, it reaches 45kph and 50km of range from 960Wh battery, the price is set at € 2299!

A version limited to 25kph is also available for 300€ less!

This electric scooter with moped looks is comparable to the SEV eTricks

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