(VIDEO) C4 Cactus + Mehari revealed: Cactus M


Finally, here are the first pictures of the Cactus M, the flagship concept-car from Citroën at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, this is an outdoor version of the C4 Cactus.


Cactus M exterior design

Admittedly reminiscent of the Mehari, Citroen surfs on the revival trend of this classic from the 70's but it also makes us think of the C3 Pluriel which gave an extra zest to the C3, that was very classic otherwise ...

But if you take the already outstanding C4 Cactus with its flashy colors and AirBumps and that you remove the top, the effect is guaranteed !!!



Outdoor crossover, it has only two doors (in plastic) which strongly recall the Mehari and to facilitate access to the rear seats a small step is inserted in the rear wings! Fun and usefull !!

Cactus M interior

Inside,  the Cactus M is very minimalist like the Mehari was in its time, no roof but a canvas that can serve as a tent, and all the interior is in neoprene to be fully washable with water, a whole at the driver's feet is there for the evacuation!



True pure concept-car, Citroën announces no engine yet for this Cactus M that we would love to see soon on our beaches!


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