When Roland synthesizers put the electric car in music !


If you have the same eye than us, we have recognized the car, this small electric roadster is the TommykairaZZ in its electric version built by GLM, besides the styling and specs sheet, the electric sports-car has been put in music by Roland!


Specs of the ZZ GLM

We talked about it in 2013, the time of market release has arrived for the small Roadster designed by TommyKaira and powered by GLM (GreenLordMotors), therefore, it made a demonstration a few weeks ago at the GoodWood Festival of Speed.
To recall the GLM ZZ EV is 225kW (302hp), 415nm of torque for 850kg, making it possible to bring down the 0 to 100kph to 3.9secondes !!


We did not find the updated information on the website of GLM but in 2013 the price (converted from Yen) was announced at €60,000.
The first customer took delivery of his car last year, since production in "series" began and deliveries are happening now.

The option of Roland's sound


First component, the weight of Roland system is only 1.1kg! The sound depends on the driving mode, the synthesizer technology enables dynamic change during acceleration and deceleration, with a tone that can be changed by the driver, the sound goes through the speakers.

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