(VIDEO) Electric motorcycle: e-Raw, materials and style


The young French designer Martin Hulin wanted to create an electric motorcycle that could appeal to current users of gas motorcycles, "petrolheads" and its prototype wowed us!



The style


The electric motorcycle E-Raw is inspired by the codes of the classic motorcycles such as the reservoir's silhouette, which is the visual signature of the bike while reassuring for "petrolheads", headlights  and spoked wheels meanwhile recall the heritage of motorcycles.


The materials


The seat is from local woode, glued-laminated, it is tailored from a mold. The apparent steel frame is leaves the mechanical components accessible and visible.



The prototype

Martin wanted to give life to his concept and confront the drawing to technical feasibility, he handed the project to four craftsmen and set a deadline of 50 days to complete the prototype!

The engine pack / battery was modeled from 3D files, for now no defined specs but Martin wants to give the e-Raw the performances of a 500cc, and besides, he is seeking funds for that... Notice to connoisseurs!


Martin promised us he has other ideas (still on two wheels) in mind and that they will be revealed soon ... Stay tuned and well done Martin!


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