Frankfurt 2015, an electric Porsche Pajun to compete with Tesla?


While yesterday we presented the answer to Tesla's electric SUV with the Audi e-tron Quattro Concept / Q6 e-tron and BMW X7...  Today it is Porsche that could enter another segment where Tesla is present, the electric sedan!



Downsizing for the 911!

Indeed for the Frankfurt Motor Show, Porsche will introduce several novelties beginning with a new engine for the legendary 911, yielding to downsizing via a turbo and an engine size reduced to 3.0l - obviously besides an increase in power is still expected!



A concept of electric sedan

While the Tesla Model S is considered as the standard and the Model 3, a smaller sedan is expected soon... Porsche that now has some feedback from its rechargeable hybrid e-hybrid will capitalize on it by offering a concept of electric sedan, a model that will be placed under the Panamera, it could be called Pajun (Panamera Junior) but so far no official information from the brand on the name of the concept or its specs sheet but as it is a Porsche some performance standards are expected!


For the record the only 100% electric vehicle that Porsche has put on the road was a Boxster_E that we tried back in 2011!

The images in the article are those of the Sport Turismo Concept presented in Paris in 2012!


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