(VIDEO) A world record with a Hoverboard


We constantly introduce the latest innovations in mobility and futuristic transportation devices, we have already presented various flying machines whether identified or not, including hoverboards - often only concepts, the Canadian Catalin Alexandru Duru has just made a big step ... Crossing the Ouareau lake with his hoverbard!


Men still does not walk on water but it comes close!

This is a world record validated by the Guinness, with a hoverboard built in-house, Catalin wanted to travel 300 meters over a lake in Quebec, he finally achieved 275.9m setting a new World Record!



Wireless and electrical Flyboard

The purpose of Catalin Alexandru Duru is obviously to demonstrate that his machine is functional, it is controlled with a trigger for the height and feet for the direction, based on several motors distributed over the board (multicopter) and gyroscopes.

Certainly this is not a very long ride and not enough to use it as a mean of transportation over some distance for the moment, but it is waterproof and will surely be improved!

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