(VIDEO) UBCO 2x2, a 2WD electric motorcycle half cross / cargo !!


If you cannot choose between a cross or utility bike here is the UBCO 2x2, an electric motorcycle or rather electric moped (limited to 45kph) simple, efficient and versatile.

The UBCO 2x2 concept in a few words:

This electric moped comes from New Zealand where both designers Anthony Clyde and Daryl Neal built and tested their utility but also fun electric two wheeler.

Two like:
Two loading platforms
Two electric motors
Two uses
Double rear suspension and adjustable fork
Two disc brakes

One 40Ah battery, it is removable quickly and placed at the lowest for an optimal center of gravity, it recharges in 4 hours and provides an autonomy of 70 to 150 km depending on the terrain and driving style.

Both motors deliver a total output of almost 2000Watts or 3hp continuously and therefore at least 50% more in peak, enough to climb on trees !!

The Ubco 2x2 is comparable to the electric moped SEV eTRICKS in more versatile and more raw, its weight is not revealed but its construction and minimalist frame "Super X" can carry up to 200kg.

No price announced yet but the first series of 100 units will be available soon.

Via AutoEvolution


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